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Java Runtime Environment 7.0 for Windows

Program Installer

Program Update


For first time installation – download and install both Java Run Environment 7.0 and the Program Installer

For update – download and install only Program Update


Version 3.61 (Released 2023-07-12)

  • Sales Entry – Item Code in sales details


Version 3.59 (Released 2023-02-07)

  • Quotation Header per Site
  • Counter Print-out -include DM transactions

Version 2.40 (Released 2017-07-20)

Fix in Statement of Account for 0 delivery amounts
Fix in Customer Transactions for paid memo not reflected

Version 2.32 (Released 2017-07-07)

Main Area Master – new

Area Master – add main area

Main Area Price – new

Item Master – add Load function for pictures

Payable – can view RR/Expenses of other sites

Payable Report – disallow viewing of expenses related to payroll

Customer Transactions – restricts viewing of customer (davao) to other sites

Version 2.29 (Released 2017-05-05)

Expense Entry – Add new access View All Except Payroll

Expense Entry – Add Unapprove button if transaction is already approved

Expense Summary – New report

Version 2.28 (Released 2017-04-20)

Customer Transactions Report – fix

Version 2.27 (Released 2017-04-18)

Customer Transactions Report – fix

Version 2.26 (Released 2017-04-18)

Customer Transactions Report – fix display of totals

Version 2.25 (Released 2017-04-17)

Expense print-out – Change paper orientation to portrait and set filter that only those expenses approved in the selected date range will be retrieved

Expense Entry – Remove Cost column

Customer Transactions Report – fix

Version 2.24 (Released 2017-03-30)

Fix Expense print-out

Version 2.23 (Released 2017-03-30)


  • remove other transactions except receiving report
  • Add Total
  • Add Site filter

Checks – fix retrieval

Expense Report – add Total

Statement of Account – fix issue on Return Amount

Expense Voucher – Add Approved By and add Remarks

Version 2.22 (Released 2017-03-29)

Revise Payable module to add petty cash expenses

Version 2.21 (Released 2017-03-29)

Add print-out in Expenses Report

Version 2.20 (Released 2017-03-27)

Expense Report – new report
Re-arrange reports in menu

Version 2.19 (Released 2017-03-20)

Migrate server

Version 2.18 (Released 2017-03-14)

Daily Sales By Site – Add total sales

Item Master – Add Classification (Local, Imported, Europa, Phase Out)

Version 2.17 (Released 2017-02-28)

Daily Sales By Site – fix

Version 2.16 (Released 2017-02-27)

Customer Transactions – Fix delivery receipt for DR for samples

Daily Sales By Site – new report

Version 2.15 (Released 2017-02-08)

Customer Transactions – Add type code in the filter and allow to retrieve sample transactions

Version 2.14 (Released 2017-02-01)

Inventory Report – Unapproved transfer should not be added to the receiver site.

Version 2.13 (Released 2017-02-01)

1. Print Details in Customer Transactions
2. Correct Return computation in Print Statement and Print Statement2 in Customer Transactions
3. Only Sales and Sample entries will be retrieved in Sales Entry

Version 2.12 (Released 2017-01-25)

Sales Agent Master – Add Site field

Sales Entry – Allow selection of type code for Sales and Samples

Sales Entry – Add Group in left portion filter

Sales Entry – Add Type Code in left portion filter

Deliveries – Add Type Code in filter

Receivable (under Financials) – Add Salesman Filter

Returns (report) – Add Type Code in filter

Aging – Some customers with receivables cannot be retrieved

Salesman Sales (report) –  change report format

Customer Transactions – display report when clicking the payment detail

Inventory – Reflect stock transfer in only when approved, if still new, put in Transit

Inventory – Deduct only if sales is approved, if still new, put in Reserve

Version 2.09 (Released 2016-05-26)

Fixed mismatch amounts in Reports> Customer Transaction reports

Version 2.08 (Released 2016-03-15)

Added Gross Sales and Net Sales of Return in Deliveries Report

Version 2.07 (Released 2016-01-05)

Fixed Quantities in Stock Card
Added “Reload” Button in Inventory Report

Version 2.06 (Released 2016-01-04)

Carry over balance of inventory from 2015

Updated receivables report balance to match with Aging

Version 2.05 (Released 2015-12-17)

Reports > Receivable : Excluded invoices not yet approved

Version 2.04 (Released 2015-11-25)

Fixed printing of Statement

Version 2.03 (Released 2015-11-23)

Added salesman on both for filter

Version 2.02 (Released 2015-11-16)

Sales – Added filter for CHARGE or SALES invoice

Version 2.01 (Released 2015-11-05)

Inventory – Updated Transfer Date to be editable

Version 2.00 (Released 2015-07-27)

Inventory – Stock Card changed to show transactions of previous year (requested by Jay)

Salesman Sales Report – Added per branch and per salesman

Version 1.99 (Released 2015-07-20)

Fixed and updated Salesman Performance Report

Version 1.98 (Released 2015-07-16)

Fixed Delete in Requests

Added Remarks in Printout of Inventory Adjustment

Version 1.97 (Released 2015-04-06)

Updates in Sales Orders

Fixed inventory quantity in item list

Version 1.96 (Released 2015-03-24)

Update to fix bug in saving sales due to previous update

Version 1.95 (Released 2015-03-23)

Fix for discounts not saving

Included sites with 0 inventory in view inventory

Version 1.94 (Released 2015-03-22)

Changed item master to NOT load items at start. Input first filter for item to search then press LOAD (to faster load the item master screen)

Updated Sales Order function

Added view inventory of all branches in Inventory screen

Show message during saving of sales in case not enough inventory (clicking OK will save, cancel will not save and can change quantity)

Added filter in returns report for LOCAL, IMPORTED and EUROPA (set category in Masters > Item Group. Some groups are not yet set)

During printing of aging, can further filter by Area (example: OREL ->TAGBILARAN will get all delivery from OREL branch for TAGBILARAN customers)

Version 1.93 (Released 2015-01-29)

Changed inventory to include unapproved transactions

Added Sales Order function

Updated Stock Card

Version 1.92 (Released 2015-01-16)

Added back Assign Site function for all branches

Version 1.91 (Released 2015-01-14)

Added back Assign Site function

Version 1.90 (Released 2015-01-08)

Removed checking for inventory quantity

Version 1.89 (Released 2015-01-07)

Re-added assign site for Manila

Version 1.88 (Released 2014-12-20)

Changes for year end inventory

Version 1.87 (Released 2014-11-07)

Salesman sales – Added headers (Salesman Sales with CM)

Payable & Receivable – Added payment type for WITHHOLDING TAX

Version 1.86 (Released 2014-10-10)

MENU – changed layout of menus (Jay)

Voucher – changed signatories to Rick/Roxanne for Manila (Hazel)

Version 1.85 (Released 2014-09-15)

RECEIVING – enabled delete receiving / edit of supplier

Version 1.84 (Released 2014-09-06)

TRANSFERS – improved filters

INVENTORY – added stock card printing

Version 1.83 (Released 2014-09-04)

INVENTORY – added columns for pending PO, Receiving, Sales and Transfers

TRANSFERS – added approval

Version 1.82 (Released 2014-08-04)

SERVER TRANSFER – back to Manila (electricity is stable)

EXPENSES – Increased size of font (Hazel)

RECEIVABLES – Print list now sorted by AR/OR # instead of SYSTEM # (Chillany)

REPORTS > RETURNS – Improved layout (for Cebu / Rocel)

Version 1.81 (Released 2014-07-31)

Fixed viewing in Customer Master to include provincial

Version 1.80 (Released 2014-07-18)

SERVER TRANSFER! Server temporarily relocate to Cebu

Please note users in BALINTAWAK might experience slowness

Version 1.79 (Released 2014-07-14)

Auto set PRICE in PO if repeat order

Separated columns for IN and OUT in adjustment

Version 1.78 (Released 2014-07-05)

Fixed “CASH PAYMENT” amount in Statement

Version 1.77 (Released 2014-07-04)

Fixed displayed amount in Sales entry

Added printing of Adjustment

Version 1.74 & 1.75 (Released 2014-07-01)

Added Salesman Sales Report

Added Printing of Memo List

Adjusted Paging in Payables

Fixes for Statement of Account

Version 1.73 (Released 2014-06-28)

Fixes for Inventory Adjustment

Version 1.72 (Released 2014-06-27)

Returns from CASH transactions will show up as negative balance (for offset to other invoice)

Version 1.71 (Released 2014-06-26)

Delete in returns deletes all the details

Excluded NEW sales in customer transactions and aging

Changed printing of returns to whole page

Version 1.70 (Released 2014-06-24)

Fixed Statement report

Added “Statement 2” which is grouped by DR transaction

Version 1.69 (Released 2014-06-21)

Added details in Aging (Cebu)

Fixed delete in Returns (Rocel)

Removed “balance” column from Statement (Edz)

Version 1.68 (Released 2014-06-18)

Adjustment – fixes

Version 1.67 (Released 2014-06-17)

Adjustment – Fixed save error (Rocel)

Purchasing – Automatically use price in item master (Belen)

Memo – Added delete

Version 1.66 (Released 2014-06-13)

Adjustment – Fixed save error (Rocel)

Version 1.65 (Released 2014-06-04)

Receivables – added delete function

Statement – fixed display of customer (Rocel)

Version 1.64 (Released 2014-05-30)

Aging – fixed printout (Edz)

Statement – fixed display of customer (Rocel)

Memo – fixed sizing of form (CDO)

Version 1.63 (Released 2014-05-29)

Sales – Fixed problem in check details not being editable

Statement of Account – Added header and signatories (requested by Amy)

Version 1.62 (Released 2014-05-22)

Receiving – Added shortcut to update cost

Payables – Included expenses from suppliers

Sales – Added check details for CASH payments using CHECK

Aging – Excluded customers with zero balance

Item Group – Added category Local, Imported, Europa

Receivables – Added statement

Version 1.61 (Released 2014-05-08)

Enabled changing of customer for counter receipt

Changes in expenses for petty cash

Version 1.60 (Released 2014-05-02)

Added Remarks in PO

Fixed Voucher for Expenses

Added Report > Purchases > Supplier Transactions

Fixed Rounding Off in Sales which resulted in 0.01 Variance

Version 1.59 (Released 2014-04-30)

Fix in Supplier Memo to show sites in Manila

Added Remarks in Purchase Order

Added Due Date in Sales List and made set totals to bold

Version 1.58 (Released 2014-04-22)

Fixed problem in adjustment (Terms Required – reported by Toniette)

Version 1.57 (Released 2014-04-21)

Fix for problem in RETURNS, cannot entry (reported by Dennis)

Version 1.56 (Released 2014-04-14)

Added access of manila suppliers for Supplier Memo

Shown printing of Vessel, Bill of Lading and Shipment Date in DR

Added site in Sales List printing

Version 1.55 (Released 2014-04-08)

fix for error on sales entry items

Version 1.54 (Released 2014-04-08)

Improved loading times of CUSTOMERS in transactions

Added shipping date, vessel and bill of lading in sales

Receiving added sorting for printing

Memo added sorting for printing

Memo added COPY function

Version 1.53 (Released 2014-04-04)

Added memo for suppliers payable

Fixed computation display in customer transaction

Version 1.52 (Released 2014-03-08)

Added percentage #5 in sales entry

Version 1.51 (Released 2014-03-05)

Transfer of server

Version 1.50 (Released 2014-03-04)

Fixed sizing of printouts

Version 1.49 (Released 2014-02-26)

Added new report for Returns

Added SITE in delivery receipt

Version 1.48 (Released 2014-02-17)

Fixed problem with printing of sales

Version 1.47 (Released 2014-02-17)

Added sequence # in sales

Added payment types for Credit Card – Straight, 3 Months, 6 Months

Fixed amount in printing of payment voucher

Shown discount when printing customer transactions

Fixed printing of return to automatically switch to full page when cannot fit in half page

Added terms – CASH PARTIAL

Version 1.46 (Released 2014-02-12)

Fixed stock request form

Fixed inventory adjustment

Version 1.45 (Released 2014-02-07)

Show amount of CASH in customer transactions

Fixed delete detail in receiving entry

Fixed printing in payable

Added site in customer balances report

Version 1.44 (Released 2014-02-06)

Fixed problem in returns

Added printing for customer balances

Added viewing of payment in customer transactions

Added amount in sales entry

Version 1.43 (Released 2014-02-05)

Allowed change in customer in receivable to edit wrong site

Version 1.42 (Released 2014-02-05)

Fixed missing amount column in receivable

Fixed wrong computation of discount due to percentage 4

Version 1.41 (Released 2014-02-04)

Updated again due to problem with previous update

Version 1.40 (Released 2014-02-04)

Added Percentage # 4 in delivery receipt

Version 1.39 (Released 2014-02-03)

Changed creation of items in Item Master

Fixed problem with receivables entry

Version 1.38 (Released 2014-02-01)

Added adjustment for Receiving Report

Changed transfers to triplicate copy

Version 1.37 (Released 2014-01-18)

Added receipt # in printout of Receiving Report

Added fixes for bugs on Requests and Transfers

Added fixes for Payables

Version 1.36 (Released 2014-01-11)

Added remarks in Receiving Report

Added fixing in Receiving screen size

Setting for Cebu to view Manila transaction

Version 1.35 (Released 2014-01-04)

Changed printout of DR list to sub-total by terms

Changed customer transactions screen to automatic zero if term is CASH

Removed CASH transactions from receivables

Added SALESMAN filter in sales

Version 1.34 (Released 2014-01-04)

Added site in transaction filters

Updated inventory views

Changed customer transaction to combo box control

Fixed printing of DR and returns (1 copy only)

Version 1.33 (Released 2014-01-02)

Added site in Sales detail (for delivery from different warehouse source)

Version 1.32 (Released 2013-10-10)

Added balance in viewing customer transactions

Version 1.31 (Released 2013-09-23)

Fixed problem with returns where new returns are not automatically posted to Customer Transactions viewing

Version 1.30 (Released 2013-09-14)

Fixed returns problem not being able to return if previously returned more than 2 times

Version 1.29 (Released 2013-08-03)

Fixed checks monitoring report

Fixed customer transactions display for return amount

Version 1.28 (Released 2013-07-29)

Fixed bug with “Payment Type” in Receivable

Version 1.27 (Released 2013-07-27)

Revised list printing for sales and payments to be continuous

Added option for multiple checks in payments

Added reference request form in purchase order

Added “Change Item” button in sales (in case of wrong item type)

Fixed discount

Version 1.26 (Released 2013-07-20)

Added list printing for Sales and Payments

Improved layout on Sales and Payments to adjust table size

Fixed amount total on request form

Version 1.25 (Released 2013-07-02)

Fix for returns again

Version 1.24 (Released 2013-07-01)

Fix for returns

Version 1.23 (Released 2013-06-20)

Transfer – Fixed bug that cannot save and retained old transfers

Counter Receipt – Hide transactions that were already generated counter receipt

Counter Receipt – Convert to whole page if cannot fit in single half page

Version 1.22 (Released 2013-06-13)

Memo – Added function to change DR reference

Enabled customer searching for Memo, Receivable and Counter Receipt

Returns – Auto adjusted printout to become whole page instead of half if it will not fit

Customer Transactions – Added column reference number in detail view

Customer Transactions – Payments show payment details when double clicked

Version 1.21 (Released 2013-05-10)

Added functionality and improved report Customer Transactions

Version 1.20 (Released 2013-05-08)

Fixed amount of Memo printout

Fixed saving on returns

Version 1.19 (Released 2013-05-05)

Added printout for Memo

Fixed computation for Memo

Fixed computation for Customer Payables

Changed return form to half size

Allowed changing of Customer for Returns (for mistakes)

Version 1.18 (Released 2013-04-20)

Modified Memo

Added Stock Request Form (SRF)

Fixed computation of balance for Receivables (Payments)

Version 1.17 (Released 2013-04-17)

Separated series for AR/OR

Changed monitoring of receivables from per line item to per DR

Added return cost in returns

Version 1.16 (Released 2013-03-21)

Fixes for returns

Version 1.15 (Released 2013-03-15)

Fixes for Account Receivables

Version 1.14 (Released 2013-03-09)

Allowed return up to two times for each delivery

Version 1.13 (Released 2013-03-01)

Added functionality for memo

Version 1.12 (Released Unknown)


Version 1.11 (Released 2013-02-20)

Fixed computation of returns with discounts

Integrated “Broken” inside returns, no need to adjust separately

Version 1.10 (Released 2013-02-19)

Transferred server to Bodega 1

Version 1.09 (Released 2013-02-07)

Fixed delivery receipt to show same ordering on original and duplicate copies

Added amounts for returns, and also option for a print-out

Version 1.08 (Released 2013-01-24)

Re updated to fix wrong computation for discount and return

Version 1.07 (Released 2013-01-18)

Modified DR to show original amount, no less from returns

Version 1.06 (Released 2013-01-15)

Fixed missing Discounts

Fixed computation for per pallet discount

Version 1.05 (Released 2013-01-12)

Added remarks on Delivery Receipt

Automatic computation of percentage discount on Delivery Receipt

Updated stock card inventory report

Fixed returns

Version 1.04 (Released 2013-01-03)

Added discount on Delivery Receipt

Version 1.03 (Released 2013-01-02)

Updated for live run on Branch 80 – Bodega 2

Version 1.02 (Released 2012-11-22)

Added report header

Printing of Original and Duplicate in Delivery Receipt

Added customizable header per site (such as Robin’s Home Depot or La Europa Ceramica)

Version 1.01 (Released 2012-11-13)

Modified reports printing

Added salesman

Version 1.00 (Released 2012-10-18)

Base Version

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