Keep track of employees and do payroll stuff and all in a few minutes.

Payroll system that suits the needs of business owners

Struggling in counting endless salaries? Or struggling with the endless number of employee absences? We’ve got you covered. With fully flexible settings from HR, Punctuality, Payroll system to number of absences, our system can do it all!

As you need…

Just one click and everything you need is available


Customize HRIS software according to your company and easily monitor your employees’ careers with promotions, transfers or separations. You can also view the demographics of your employees.


Whether it’s complicated payroll, benefits, government contributions, taxes or loans, we make the process as simple as one click. Easily process your payroll anytime and anywhere.


Say hello to HRIS Time Keeper, the most advanced timekeeping solution you have ever experienced. We use a biometrics device and manual adjustment of DTR. Say no more to complex Shift schedules, Leave, Time Records, messy absences, and other HR problems!


Relax as Government reports, payslip, salary calculations, even regulatory calculations – all are provided and organized for you.

Why Us?

Save Time

Only takes few minutes during payroll day.


Avoids errors and employee inquiries on salaries.

Save Money

No need to have dedicated payroll person to use the system.

Don’t let payroll processing bring your business down.

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