Tired of manually counting your inventory?

It’s time to use computerized inventory system


All your company operations in one customized integrated software. It’s complete, easy to use, automated, and won’t give you a headache.

A system that can be customized to suit your needs

No matter how complicated your company operations are, no matter how many branches you have, and no matter what your company data is. With fully customizable settings ranging from Purchasing, Inventory, and Sales, our system will integrate it very well for you.

More than what you need

Optimize your company’s operations by using integrated software.


Don’t bother organizing all your purchases. Purchase orders, Receiving reports, and Accounts payable are all set up. Really easy isn’t it?


Start setting the number of outgoing and incoming stock easily according to the amount of inventory. You can also transfer stock quantities from one warehouse to another. Don’t forget to check the balance of remaining stock because everything is in real time.


Sales orders, delivery receipts, sales documents, and receivables – all provided and organized for you, made easier so you don’t have to struggle.

Why us?

Increase Sales Productivity 

In addition to operating business systems, you can also focus on sales productivity.

Security Guaranteed

Your data is well protected as there are strong coding standards and highly secure services. 

Software Integration

Integrates all business operations in one platform, making it easier for you. You can also custom your company’s format and adjust to company’s calculation method.

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