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Version 2.32(Released 2019-01-19)
Update Quotation Terms


Java Runtime Environment 7.0 for Windows

Program Installer

Program Update

Program New Connection




For first time installation – download and install both Java Run Environment 7.0 and the Program Installer For update – download and install only Program Update


Version 1.90(Released 2017-08-10)
Fix on Sales Upload
Version 1.84(Released 2017-07-06)

Material Usage – Added Check all and Uncheck all buttons

Version 1.83(Released 2017-07-06)

Quotation (Add Item) – Revert removing items with zero quantity Sales (Sales List Report) – Add line borders and column Project Title

Version 1.82(Released 2017-07-04)

Quotation (Add Item) – Removed items with zero quantity and inactive status

Version 1.81(Released 2017-07-04)

Sales (Sales List Report) – Remove row spacings and merge columns in Excel

Version 1.80(Released 2017-06-13)

SOA Revisions

Version 1.79(Released 2017-06-06)

Daily Activities (Payments) – Additional Prepared By and Sales Rep

Version 1.78(Released 2017-06-05)

Daily Activities (Payments) – Swap columns (Ref No and Customer Name) and add Contract Amount

Version 1.77(Released 2017-05-29)

Fix filter in Sales Entry

Version 1.76(Released 2017-05-29)
1. Confirmation message when sending quotation and SOA to client.
2. Can view not yet approved quotations but with payments
3. Statement of Account fix
Version 1.75(Released 2017-05-16)

Fix delete in Shipment module

Version 1.73(Released 2017-05-09)

Add back the Pending Orders column in Item List for Purchase Request

Version 1.72(Released 2017-05-03)

Fix on available quantity in Item List Add tagging in Site Master if there is warehouse

Version 1.71(Released 2017-05-02)

Fix on available quantity in Item List

Version 1.70(Released 2017-04-27)

Fix on Issue module

Version 1.69(Released 2017-04-25)

Fix Sales Upload

Version 1.68(Released 2017-04-24)

Allow filter of reference numbers in client log.

Version 1.67(Released 2017-04-11)

Add Sales Rep in Approved Quotation print-out Fix amount display in Approved Quotation print-out

Version 1.66(Released 2017-04-07)
Fix Statement of Account Report
Version 1.65(Released 2017-03-27)
Fix problem in Inventory
Version 1.64(Released 2017-03-21)
Fix display of quantity during Add Item in Quotation Entry
Fix Inventory when selecting ALL in Site
Version 1.63 (Released 2017-03-20)
Fix display of unit of measure in Quotation Entry
Fix Inventory > View Stock Card for non-display of some inventory adjustment entries
Version 1.62 (Released 2017-03-17)
Add access Quotation – View All and change condition in viewing quotations
Version 1.61 (Released 2017-03-15)
Fix Quotation approval
Version 1.60 (Released 2017-03-15)
Fix display of pictures in Quotation Entry
Version 1.59 (Released 2017-03-14)
For users with access to Change Branch, remove filtering of client in Charge To for Quotation Entry.
Add back Print button in Sales Entry.
Set Requisition Date to Approval Date of Quotation
Fix search function in Inventory Adjustment
Fix total in Daily Activities > Issuances
Version 1.58 (Released 2017-03-13)
Add unit in Quotation Print-out
Fix on Adjustment Entry filtering
Fix on Delivery Receipt display
Version 1.57 (Released 2017-03-10)
Process revisions

Version 1.51 (Released 2016-09-28) Added Item Trend Report Version 1.42 (Released 2016-08-15) Show stock card and image button in purchase request Fixed display for Chinese characters Item List hide column Minimum Quantity, set font to Red

Removed Purchase Order, Shipment linked from Purchase Request
Added column for Pending Quantity in Purchase Request

Version 1.41 (Released 2016-08-02) Fixed Quotation Percent Discount.

Version 1.40 (Released 2016-08-01) Fixed Quotation images.   Version 1.39 (Released 2016-08-01) Fixed Quotation images.   Version 1.38 (Released 2016-07-29) Adjustment in Quotation   Version 1.37 (Released 2016-04-20) Adjustment in Quotation

Version 1.36 (Released 2016-04-19)
Fixed Date errors in Issue
Updated Terms and Conditions in Quotation
Minimized error of “Record is being edited by another user.”
Version 1.35 (Released 2016-04-12)
Same changes as to version 1.34

Version 1.34 (Released 2016-04-11) Added Issuances Report under Inventory Quotation > reference # does not show   Version 1.33 (Released 2015-12-15) Fixed error in Item Master   Version 1.32 (Released 2015-12-08) Improved speed in Quotation editing Added new menu under Masters > Item > Item Image to check image file size   Version 1.31 (Released 2015-11-28) Quotation – Update Price during Change Item using double click

Version 1.30 (Released 2015-11-28)

Issue – Fixed “ambigious column name” error

Version 1.29 (Released 2015-11-23) Quotation – Fixed Inventory Quantity
Quotation – Update Price during Change Item

Version 1.28 (Released 2015-10-28) Fixed Inventory Quantities in Quotation   Version 1.27 (Released 2015-10-20) Fixed Quotation Changed Font to Times New Roman.

Version 1.26 (Released 2015-10-06) Make searchable thru the field of the Customer Name

Version 1.25 (Released 2015-09-17) Updated Terms and Conditions   Version 1.24 (Released 2015-09-14) Added Terms and Conditions for Raw Materials and Supplies in Master File Added field for Terms Type (Full Package, Raw Materials, Supplies) in Sales   Version 1.23 (Released 2015-09-02) Excluded items in quotation from affecting Inventory quantity

Version 1.22 (Released 2015-08-28) Quotation – removed ” Less %” on the printable copy if no discount

Version 1.21 (Released 2015-08-27) Added restriction to quotations can only view / edit for selected branch
Version 1.20 (Released 2015-08-19) Fixed Quotation export to excel
Fixed Statement of Account

Version 1.19 (Released 2015-08-18) Fixed cannot input reference number in Quotation Entry Fixed Quotation to show Project Name when no Remarks Added Discount and VAT Amount in Quotation Fixed search engines to not show or include Cancelled Transactions

Version 1.18 (Released 2015-08-06)

Purchase Request item selection to show inventory of all branches Updated Sales list printout Fixed loading of Sales / Quotations to show recently saved items on the left Loading of Sales transaction is default to “with Balance” Changed printout of DR to use OUT quantity   Version 1.17 (Released 2015-08-04) Updated Quotation Printout Updated Quotation Computation of Total Updated Saving Error in Sales Updated DR Printout   Version 1.16 (Released 2015-08-01) Added material Added terms in sales and quotations Updates to quotation   Version 1.15 (Released 2015-07-07) Fixed Sales and Quotation Screen (will not open with previous version)   Version 1.14 (Released 2015-07-06) Redesigned Quotation Entry and Printout   Version 1.13 (Released 2015-06-27) Quotation – Added terms Sales – Added balance and filters for sales w/ balance   Version 1.12 (Released 2015-06-05) Quotation:

  • Added sub-total for project
  • Approved By renamed to Confirmed By
  • Non admin users can only view quotations they created


  • Removed estimate column

Client Logs:

  • Show only client logs for certain branch
  • Only admin users can view client logs of other branches

Purchase Request:

  • Added column for Ideal code

Version 1.11 (Released 2015-05-28) Sales:

  • Fixed saving of Payments
  • Added filter for with Balance
  • Approved quotations show up on Sales screen


  • Added columns for Package Quantity, Volume and Weight
  • Fixed printing of Chinese characters in shipment printout


  • Fixed inventory printout
  • Fixed report for Receiving
  • Fixed report for Deliveries


  • Removed unused access rights
  • Made all screens resizeable
  • Fixed display of checkbox in lookup screens

Version 1.09 (Released 2015-05-15) Inventory:

  • Filter “ALL” “Inactive” “Below Minimum”
Purchase Request
  • Show Quantity
  • Filter “ALL” “Inactive” “Below Minimum”
Item List (Purchase REquest/ Order)
  • Show “View Stock Card” and “View Image”
  • Additional Column for (Packing Qty + CBM + Weight)
  • “Chinese” change to “Factory Code”
  • double click “Product” to change item (Item name should not disappear when accidentally double clicked)
  • View Image
  • Drop down list for Categories
  • Delete Whole transactions
  • Save
  • Remove Items

Version 1.08 (Released 2015-04-22) View Image in inventory is actual size instead of zoomed Sales, added separate input for project Increased size of combo box inside item list (to prevent scrolling) Renamed “Chinese” column to Factory Quantity and price in quotation is optional   Version 1.07 (Released 2015-04-14) Updated item issuance Updated Loading List form Updated Purchase Order form   Version 1.06 (Released 2015-03-24) Updated client logs for use at SM North Edsa Improved loading of item master by not pre loading images   Version 1.04 / 1.05 (Released 2015-03-13) Test update   Version 1.03 (Released 2015-03-13) Transfer to MJ’s PC

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