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Java Runtime Environment 7.0 for Windows

Program Installer

Program Update


For first time installation – download and install both Java Run Environment 7.0 and the Program Installer

For update – download and install only Program Update


Version 2.42  (Released 2023-09-05)

  • Airway bill print-out changes


Version 2.38 (Released 2023-05-23)

  • Booking – generate airway bill series upon save transactions
  • Delivery monitoring – sales should be net of vat
  • KPI report – actual revenue should be net of vat

Version 2.36 (Released 2023-02-20)

Petty Cash – Approver change to Alberto P. Herrera

Airway bill changes

Version 1.70 (Released 2017-04-19)

Added additional booking type

Added postage and employee benefit under Petty Cash Report

Version 1.69 (Released 2017-04-19)

Fixed Petty Cash Report

Version 1.67 (Released 2016-01-30)

Added Change Oil Schedule report

Added function Item Merge

Version 1.66 (Released 2016-01-23)

Fixed Fuel Monitoring, Truck Downtime, Availability, KPI, Inventory, and Trips Report

Fixed User Master

Version 1.65 (Released 2016-12-06)

Waybill Booklet Series Status changed to whole words

Added Control No. column in Aging Reports

Fixed reports save to excel

Version 1.64 (Released 2016-11-29)

Added Stripping column in Petty Cash report

Version 1.55 (Released 2016-08-02)

Made changes to Petty Cash Report

Added Unbilled Waybills Report

Version 1.54 (Released 2016-07-29)

Fixed Petty Cash Report

Version 1.53 (Released 2016-07-27)

Fixed Sales Report


Fixed Sales Report

Version 1.52 (Released 2016-07-07)

Edited Aging Report

Version 1.51 (Released 2016-06-28)

Added new column under Petty Cash Transaction

Added new column under Statement Transaction

Version 1.50 (Released 2016-06-23)

Added changes for Payment screen

Fixed Aging and Truck Profitability Report

Version 1.49 (Released 2016-06-23)

Added changes for Payment screen

Fix Aging and Truck Profitability Report

Version 1.48 (Released 2016-06-21)

Fix Truck Profitability Report

Version 1.47 (Released 2016-06-20)

Fix Truck Profitability and Fuel Report

Added Availability and Preventive Maintenance Report

Version 1.45 (Released 2016-06-13)

Fixed Fuel Monitoring Report

Added Demurrage in Statement Printout

Version 1.44 (Released 2016-06-10)

Edited Truck Profitability Report

Edited Truck Downtime Report

Version 1.43 (Released 2016-06-07)

Edited Booking Entry Transaction

Version 1.42 (Released 2016-05-27)

Edited Booking Entry Transaction

Version 1.41 (Released 2016-05-20)

Added Aging Report

Added Petty Cash Report

Added Truck Downtime Report

Version 1.40 (Released 2016-05-19)

Fixed Stock Card in Inventory Balances Report

Version 1.39 (Released 2016-05-19)

Fixed Booking Transaction

Version 1.38 (Released 2016-05-17)

Fixed Fuel Transaction

Version 1.37 (Released 2016-05-11)

Adjusted Statement of Account Reports

Version 1.36 (Released 2016-05-10)

Fixed Truck Downtime Report

Added Plate Number column in Receiving Report summary table

Version 1.35 (Released 2016-05-04)

Fixed Fuel Transaction

Version 1.34 (Released 2016-05-04)

Fixed Truck Downtime Master and change the Report

Version 1.33 (Released 2016-05-02)

Fixed Petty Cash in Transaction

Version 1.32 (Released 2016-04-29)

Added Fuel transaction changes.

Version 1.31 (Released 2016-02-19)

Added Stripping in Booking Summary and in Booking Summary report

Version 1.30 (Released 2016-01-12)

Rename Driver Master to Employee Master

Added Employee type column in Employee Master

Added Helper column in booking summary

Version 1.29 (Released 2016-01-07)

Fixed Remarks in Purchasing

Fixed Customer Master

Added new group in Vehicle Master

Version 1.28 (Released 2015-12-10)

Put Remarks in Purchasing

Added report in Driver’s Allowance Module

Fixed Statement of Account Report

Version 1.27 (Released 2015-12-08)

Fixed Statement of Account Report

Version 1.26 (Released 2015-10-22)

Fixed Total Sales Report

Version 1.25 (Released 2015-10-16)

Fix for Statement Printing

Version 1.24 (Released 2015-10-15)

Fix for Statement Printing

Version 1.23 (Released 2015-10-14)

Fixed changing of Statement Number

Fixed generation of Statement for Subcon

Version 1.22 (Released 2015-10-07)

Separated Bayan and Subcon in Bookings

Added filter for Bayan / Subcon in Sales Report

Version 1.21 (Released 2015-09-29)

Fixed printout of Cost Distribution (Statement)

Version 1.20 (Released 2015-09-29)

Added function for Demurrage

Version 1.19 (Released 2015-09-18)

Updated Booklet Series Number

Added Filter in Waybill Number from Statement of Account

Version 1.18 (Released 2015-09-15)

Updated Modules for Payment

Version 1.17 (Released 2015-09-01)

Direct entry for Container in Booking

Removed Container Master

Version 1.16 (Released 2015-08-25)

Fixed null amounts in Statement

Added customer name in Statement

Version 1.15 (Released 2015-08-25)

Added Size in Vehicle Master

Version 1.14 (Released 2015-08-24)

Changed header in Statement

Version 1.13 (Released 2015-08-22)

Fixed statement to properly work for “ALL” vehicle group

Version 1.12 (Released 2015-08-20)

Added history for Statement

Version 1.11 (Released 2015-08-18)

Added Bill To Booking Entry instead of Location Master

Version 1.10 (Released 2015-08-18)

Added Customer Master

Added Bill to Location in Master

Added Customer Filter in Statement

Version 1.09 (Released 2015-08-14)

Added TAT check box in Booking Transactions

Added with TAT or without TAT in Statement

Changed Super, Soft and Hard percentage from per Trip Amount to per Waybill Amount

Version 1.08 (Released 2015-08-05)

Updated time in Trip Monitoring

Version 1.07 (Released 2015-07-31)

Sales Report – Fixed filter in Vehicle Group

Version 1.06 (Released 2015-07-07)

Inputting Time in Trip Entry

Version 1.05 (Released 2015-07-07)

Added new report  – Sales
Purchasing Entry – load purchases with balances
Booking Entry – cannot save if waybill # already in use

Version 1.04 (Released 2015-07-02)

Added Super, Hard and Soft columns in Statement

Version 1.03 (Released 2015-06-23)

Added Container master for booking

Version 1.02 (Released 2015-06-10)

Added approve confirmation for booking if waybill is already inputted

Version 1.01 (Released 2015-05-04)

For initial testing

Version 1.00

Base Version

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