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Version 2.31 (Released 2018-03-14)

Payroll Other Deductions


Java Runtime Environment 7.0 for Windows

Program Installer

Program Update

Program Update 2

Program Installer for internet connection

Program Installer for TESTING


For first time installation – download and install both Java Run Environment 7.0 and the Program Installer

For update – download and install only Program Update


Version 2.27 (Released 2016-08-22)

Fixed Sorting in Receiving

Version 2.26 (Released 2016-08-01)

Added Aging Report under Reports > Receivables

Version 2.25 (Released 2016-07-13)

Fixed in sorting the details to all transactions

Version 2.24 (Released 2016-07-07)

Added reload button in Inventory

Version 2.23 (Released 2016-04-29)

Fixed Sort the details in all Transactions

Version 2.22 (Released 2016-04-29)

Sort the details in all Transactions

Version 2.21 (Released 2016-04-04)

Auto refresh transactions when loading

Version 2.20 (Released 2016-03-07)

“Load” button in transactions will force refresh all records to latest status

Version 2.19 (Released 2016-02-09)

Added new column “Quantity” in view total button under receiving

Version 2.18 (Released 2016-02-01)

Fixed bug on “View Totals” function in withdrawal

Version 2.17 (Released 2016-01-27)

Added Report – Branch Inventory Breakdown

Added column Quantity for View Totals in Withdrawal

Version 2.15 (Released 2015-11-09)

Add Status filter on Withdrawal

Version 2.14 (Released 2015-09-22)

Fixed issues in uploading in some cases when SKU is not available

Version 2.13 (Released 2015-09-03)

Enabled editing of Withdrawal even if payment already completed (ADMIN only)

Fixed Price in Branch Reports

Version 2.12 (Released 2015-07-10)

Added new reports – Branch Sales Breakdown

Added New Report – Branch Sales Breakdown

Added Average Selling Price – Branch Data Sales

Added New Report – Branch Payroll

Fixed Sizing of Branch Reports

‎Enabled Input of Other Expenses in Payments

Branches – Added Profit and Loss (Multiple Months)

Version 2.11 (Released 2015-07-01)

Changed Withdrawal to not include EWT and Discount

Changed Payment to separate Cash/Check, EWT and Discount

Added new report Deliveries Summary

Added new Withdrawal Type – Sample

Version 2.10 (Released 2015-06-29)

Added new columns for Pork, Beef and Templado

Version 2.09 (Released 2015-06-22)

Enabled deleting of Receiving Reports (even w/ Withdrawal history)

Added new report under Report > Branch Total Sales

Version 2.08 (Released 2015-06-11)

Added new report under Report > Branch Total Inventory

Version 2.07 (Released 2015-06-03)

Added RETURN function in Branch Data -> Transfers

Select rows in detail to select those items that will be returned

Version 2.06 (Released 2015-05-30)

Added Conversion in Item

Changed branch reports to multiply quantity by conversion

Added report for sales per item

Version 2.05 (Released 2015-05-27)

Added validations in XML uploading

Version 2.04 (Released 2015-05-25)

Added XML uploading for SM group

Version 2.03 (Released 2015-04-01)

Added columns RR # and Sack # in Deliveries report. Also added filter for searching.

Version 2.02 (Released 2015-03-09)

Added column OR # in Deliveries & Payments report

Version 2.01 (Released 2015-02-02)

Changed configuration to IP instead of host name (

Version 2.00 (Released 2015-01-23)

Server Transfer

Version 1.58 (Released 2015-01-22)

Fixed column for Remaining in “View Totals” function in Receiving Report

Version 1.57 (Released 2015-01-20)

Can save “RR” even if there are lacking information. RR can not be approved until quantities are completed.

Version 1.56 (Released 2014-12-05)

Added “View Totals” in receiving report to show total quantity remaining

Can save “RR” even if there are blank quantities. RR can not be approved until quantities are completed.

Version 1.55 (Released 2014-10-03)

Added new reports for branches (Reports > Branch)

Report include SALES and INVENTORY

Version 1.54 (Released 2014-08-11)

Withdrawal – When selecting from inventory, returned items will show CUSTOMER with the sack # (expand sack column to show full customer name, can also search)

Return – Fixed button “RETURN = RECEIVED” (also will zero out received)

Employee – Added button to print leaves (shows total leave usage per employee with dates)

Version 1.53 (Released 2014-07-10)

Delete in withdrawal retains history, but quantity goes back to inventory

Receiving – View Totals can edit Price to set for all of the same item

Receiving – Fixed problem with deletion of details in case of wrong split

Return – Added button “RETURN = RECEIVED” (if returning all)

Version 1.52 (Released 2014-06-16)

Fix for branch data generation

Version 1.51 (Released 2014-06-10)

Fix again for Receivables screen

Version 1.50 (Released 2014-06-06)

Corrected sorting of item list by quantity (requested by Bryan)

Fixed problem with Receivables screen not opening

Version 1.49 (Released 2014-05-12)

Added stricter checking during removing items in Receiving Report to avoid missing Withdrawal in case item was already delivered (reported by Bryan)

Version 1.48 (Released 2014-05-08)

Revised branch reports, to properly separate expenses

Adjusted view transactions in withdrawal to per month basis

Version 1.47 (Released 2014-05-06)

Added VIEW TRANSACTIONS button in Withdrawal

Version 1.46 (Released 2014-05-05)

Added withdrawal type TRANSFER

Withdrawal to customer should be set as TRANSFER

Version 1.45 (Released 2014-04-04)

Added update in Withdrawal where PRICE can be inputted in VIEW TOTAL function as requested by Bryan

Excluded branches in receivables printout

Version 1.44 (Released 2014-03-12)

Updated error in test cut for SM branches

Version 1.43 (Released 2014-02-22)

Added different selling price in item master for SM branches

Use SM selling price when adding SM sales

Use SM selling price as SRP during test cut for SM

Version 1.42 (Released 2014-02-04)

Update for SM branches

Version 1.41 (Released 2014-01-15)

Removed EWT and Con. Fee on actual for branch report

Fixed VAT computations for branch report

Version 1.40 (Released ?)

Bug fixes

Version 1.39 (Released 2014-01-07)

Changed payments to be per delivery only instead of per item

Added reports to check receivables

Added double click viewing in Inventory report to show breakdown of sacks

Payroll value in branch data is now linked with actual payroll

Added option for VAT on branches

Version 1.38 (Released 2013-09-13)

Added “View Totals” in returns

Changed computation of loans to get all loans (not only last one)

Changed withdrawal to view AR # if no OR # available

Fixed bug in withdrawal where Slicing can be selected

Version 1.37 (Released 2013-07-20)

Fixed payroll problem when adding pag-ibig loan payment last, the net is not recomputed

Enabled editing of approved returns for admin

Changed website for easier updating

Version 1.36 (Released 2013-06-27)

Added payroll

Adjusted withdrawal screen

Version 1.35 (Released 2013-05-27)

Added concessionaire fee in both customer master and branch inventory

Modified computation of purchases to use Received instead of Released quantity

Modified layout of Withdrawal so the main table can be resized (requested by Bryan)

Added document number in printout of Delivery Slip

Version 1.34 (Released 2013-05-09)

Added new entry for Branch Data sales in simplified format

Updates on Branch Data reports

Version 1.33 (Released 2013-04-15)

Added filters and totals on reports

Added new report for Payments

Added new report for Receivables by period

Added new report for Balances per month or running balance per transaction

Transferred Checks from Reports to Transaction under Receipt

Version 1.32 (Released 2013-03-19)

Changed test cut to pricing be per branch

Version 1.31 (Released 2013-02-06)

Fixed searching issue with payments / returns caused by previous update

Version 1.30 (Released 2013-02-04)

Added date in payments / returns lookup

Added filter for withdrawal type in Deliveries report

Version 1.29 (Released 2013-01-03)

Deployed updates for branch data

Faster login time

Version 1.28 (Released 2012-09-11)

Fixed bugs with previous upgrade to new menu

Version 1.27 (Released 2012-09-07)

Upgraded to new version of menu

Added multiple deletion for Receiving with PO, Withdrawal, Slicing, Official Receipt, Acknowledgement Receipt

Fixed lookup selections

Version 1.26 (Released 2012-08-28)

Fixed deletion of withdrawal

Fixed bug with double pop-up of lookup selections

Version 1.25 (Released 2012-08-14)

Fixed inventory report

Modified filtering in withdrawal to include filtering on details table

Framework upgrade for faster speed on all screens

Version 1.24 (Released 2012-08-09)

Fixed positioning of calendar in all screens

Fixed remarks in return

Fixed shortcut button for approve (Alt+V)

Included receiving report # for searching in withdrawal

Added prepared by, prepared date in return

Allowed editing of approved payments

Allowed opening of multiple windows of the same type

Version 1.23 (Released 2012-07-24)

Added delete function in Receiving

Added Sack # in returns

Fixed a bug with dates on transaction filters, where using the calendar to set a date would not filter properly

Version 1.22 (Released 2012-07-10)

Fixed a bug on the previous patch which made creating new withdrawals cause an error

Version 1.21 (Released 2012-07-05)

Returns retain original sack # of delivered item

Modified filtering of search in payments to only search invoice / DR #

Added “View Totals” function in payments

Added column for payment # in Withdrawal screen

Fixed arrangement in Statement of Accounts to properly group per invoice

Version 1.20 (Released 2012-06-26)

Added Checklist report

Version 1.19 (Released 2012-06-15)

Added Credit Limit Report

Added Check Management

Updated Statement of Account Report to not reflect paid items, and to show checks not yet deposited

Can edit Received Quantity during Return

When editing an approved transaction, the Approved By and Approved Date is updated

Included searching for Sack # in Receiving Report

Version 1.18 (Released 2012-06-04)

Fixed bug in Official Receipt and Acknowledgement Receipt for Bank Lookup

Version 1.17 (Released 2012-06-01)

Added multiple selection on “Add Detail” for Receiving with PO, Withdrawal, Slicing, Official Receipt, Ackn