Java Runtime Environment 7.0 for Windows

Edanna Talisay:

Program Installer

Program Update

Edanna Labason:

Program Installer

Program Update


For first time installation – download and install both Java Run Environment 7.0 and the Program Installer

For update – download and install only Program Update


Version 1.41 (Released 2018-02-05)

Can edit supplier once approved, income of expenses report revised


Version 1.30 (Released 2017-05-05)

once approved, the approved date and approved by will not change
added % Disc. column ni Receiving Report
added Specs, Supplier and ReferenceNo in Breakdown of Expenses Report

Version 1.26 (Released 2017-03-09)

Can add new user account
Fix the receiving, payable and supplier transactions
Display the requestor name in requisition slip
Fix payable and receivable transactions
Remove project in borrow and assign entry

Version 1.25 (Released 2017-02-17)

Added Assign Entry
Added Site Restrictions
Added Approved button, due date and print out in Borrow
Fix the Stockcard
Added Stockcard print out
Can print receiving report anytime
Added site in Requestor Master
Fix the Purchase Order Report

Version 1.24 (Released 2017-02-08)

Wrap all the reports
Sort by date in Expenses and Stock Card
Added Total Qty in Breakdown of Expense Report
Editable Site in Withdrawal
Fix Breakdown of Items per Project Report
Change format in Withdrawal, Delivery Slip and Receiving Report
Added Delivered By in Transfer
Added Requested By in Withdrawal Slip
Added Trip in Maintenance
Added Trip Monitoring Report

Version 1.23 (Released 2016-12-14)
Added view history in equipment
Added Job Order report
Added Preventive Maintenance
Fix the Equipment Expense Report

Version 1.22 (Released 2016-12-06)
Fix the Purchase request and Purchase order Report
Fix the Equipment Expenses
Added Job Order Window
Added ‘Select Job Order No’ in withdrawal and expense
Added Equipment Filter in Expense

Version 1.21 (Released 2016-11-15)

Fix equipment expenses report and List of all Equipment Used report
Revised the format of Purchase Order report
Revised the Requisition Slip report
Added select equipment/project button in Purchase Request
Added Charge to and % Discount in Purchase Order

Version 1.20 (Released 2016-11-10)

Fix comparative report
Fix withdrawal
Fix expense
Fix used

Version 1.19 (Released 2016-11-08)

Added List of All Equipment Report and Equipment Income per Project
Fix the Equipment Expenses Report
Fix bug in Withdrawal
Fix Purchase Order Report and Receiving Report
Fix error in Used
Fix error in Estimate
Fix the Breakdown of Expenses Report

Version 1.16 (Released 2016-10-28)
Fixed error in Estimate
Added Equipment in Purchase Request
Added site in Expense, Supplier & Estimate
Added Total Amount in Expense and Payable
Change document # to Invoice # in Payable
Added PO date and qty order in Stockcard
Added maintenance
Added used window

Version 1.15 (Released 2016-10-21)

Fixed error in Withdrawal

Version 1.13 (Released 2016-10-20)

Fix  the comparative report, breakdown of expenses report, income of equipment report
Added approved button in withdrawal
Make the Date Editable in Expense
Added Liquidation No in Expense
Put color in Balance Column in Estimate
Added Change Order report
Added date from and to in Income of Equipment Report

Version 1.12 (Released 2016-10-14)

Added income of equipment and income of equipment (Project) report
Fix the breakdown of expense report
Added “RF No” in Purchase order report
Added “Balance Needed & Released” in Estimate
Added “Unit” column in Purchase Request and Purchase Order
Remove list of equipment in project dialog
Change “Project List” to “Equipment List”

Version 1.10 (Released 2016-10-04)

Fix the comparative report
Added breakdown of expenses report
Change color of released qty column if released qty >= needed qty
Added unit, qty and unit cost column in expense entry

Version 1.09 (Released 2016-09-16)

Added Equipment Master
Modified Comparative Report
Added Daily Withdrawal and Daily Transfer report
Added Select Equipment button in Withdrawal
Changed Receiving No format (from RR-00051 to 2016-00051)
Fixed Expense Entry and Adjustment Entry
Added Equipment Master
Added Borrow Entry

Version 1.07 (Released 2016-09-02)

Added Comparative Report

Modified Total Items Report

Withdrawal Depends per Site (User)

Modified Withdrawal Printout

View Stock Card Fixed

Version 1.04 (Released 2016-08-09)

Add approve button in purchase request

Project list – order by code and name

Add inventory report,withdrawal report

PR # base sa site

Add project in PO print out

Fix the expense window for charging out salary and wages

Version 1.03 (Released 2016-07-28)

Added Project Accomplishment Report

Estimate – Added VAT and rearranged Filters

Fixed Print out in Purchase Order

Purchase Request and Receiving Report – Allow User to print on Add Item

Fixed bug in Inventory Adjustment

Fixed bug in Withdrawal with Estimate

Version 1.02 (Released 2016-07-15)

Separate the equipment,materials and labor in Estimate entry

Version 1.01 (Released 2016-07-01)

Revised flow of all Transactions

Version 1.00 (Released 2016-06-24)

Transfer to New Server