Bogo Hydraulic


Java Runtime Environment 7.0 for Windows

Program Installer

Program Update


For first time installation – download and install both Java Run Environment 7.0 and the Program Installer

For update – download and install only Program Update


Version 1.15 (Released 2018-03-17)

Improved speed in Item Master filter


Version 1.12 (Released 2017-03-22)

Initialize Scan Label value¬†with “I-”

Version 1.11 (Released 2016-11-07)

Server Upgrade

Version 1.10 (Released 2016-10-21)

Added Invoice Number in Customer Ledger

Version 1.09 (Released 2016-07-04)

Edited Create Item Button in Receiving Transaction

Edited the Sales Transactions

Version 1.08 (Released 2016-05-23)

Added Statement of Account in Customer Ledger Report

Edited Payable Aging Report

Added Cash or Charge filter in Item Sales History

Version 1.07 (Released 2016-05-06)

Added Description column in Sales Transaction

Added Price column in Inventory Balances

Version 1.06 (Released 2016-05-05)

Added Code Filter in Inventory Balances Report

Version 1.05 (Released 2016-04-28)

Edited the quantities displayed in Sales and Adjustment transactions

Added new column in Inventory Balances

Version 1.04 (Released 2016-04-21)

Fixed Edit button in Inventory Adjustment

Added Description column in Receiving Report

Fixed Create button and other issues in Receiving Report

Added Filter in Inventory Balances

Added Cost column in Inventory Balances

Version 1.03 (Released 2016-03-17)

Fixed Inventory Adjustment in Transaction

Added Description column in Inventory Balances

Version 1.02 (Released 2016-02-18)

Rearranged label

Version 1.01 (Released 2016-02-17)

Updated for barcoding

Version 1.00 (Released 2016-02-12)

Base Version